Cancer Queens

Mammogram Video

Cancer Queens! A Cancer Prevention Musical Revue is an hour-long, live show featuring skits and song and dance routines set to popular music with new educational lyrics that are consistent with the educational messages of the American Cancer Society, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Cancer Institute.

The Cancer Queens are professional health educators (not professional performers) who are on a mission to inspire women to treat themselves like queens and take care of their health. In fact, these 10 women (including four cancer survivors) are so passionate about encouraging women ages 35 and older to make their health their priority that they are willing to go on stage and do song and dance routines about Pap tests and colonoscopies!

Audience members will laugh and tap their toes while they learn about the importance of breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screenings and the healthy lifestyle habits that can help reduce the chance of developing certain cancers as well as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Watch the video above to see what the Cancer Queens could bring to your community.

Since October 2008, the Cancer Queens have entertained and educated more than 7000 women of all ages in Tennessee, and 98 percent of the audience members surveyed stated they would recommend that others see Cancer Queens! A Cancer Prevention Musical Revue.


Cancer Queens Booking Fall 2013 Performances

If your group is interested in booking a performance of Cancer Queens! A Cancer Prevention Revue for this fall, now is the time to submit your request. The Queens’ fall season runs from August through the first weekend in November. Please note: October dates fill up very quickly.

Polly and the Polyps Take to the Stage

The Cancer Queens are happy to announce the addition of “And Then She Got a Colonoscopy” to Cancer Queens! A Cancer Prevention Musical Revue. The new song is performed by the charming Polly and the Polyps and is set to the tune of “Leader of the Pack.” Judging from the crowd response at the world debut of “And Then She Got a Colonoscopy,” the Polyps are going to be very, very popular! A generous donation by the Lake Providence Del Webb Community made it possible to produce the new song and create the eye-catching costumes.